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Open House: Sept 30 - The Public School for Architecture at the Van Alen Institute

Sent September 23rd 2009

Untitled Document The Public School process diagram The Public School (for Architecture) New York a Van Alen Institute New York Prize Fellowship project by common room and Telic Arts Exchange Open House: Wednesday September 30, 7-9pm Van Alen Institute 30 West 22nd Street, 6th Floor New York, NY 10010 PROPOSE CLASSES NOW at Please join us for the Public School (for Architecture) New York's inaugural Open House and launch of the ...

Installation: July 26 at common green: constantly variable

Sent July 23rd 2009

Untitled Document constantly variable Thomas Navin Sunday July 26, 5pm --- The natural landscape of the Lower East Side discouraged early settlement due to the wetlands and marshes along the East River, but also encouraged farming and industry, through natural water resources such as the now-covered Collect Pond. Increased industry led to increased settlement. Early roadways were built upon Indian trails or established with a direct relationship to the island’s edges, but land speculatio...

Common Room presents Dexter Sinister (Circular)

Sent June 17th 2009

Untitled Document You are invited to assemble on Thursday June 25 at 7pm where Dexter Sinister presents Common Room (Circular) at Dexter Sinister 38 Ludlow Street (basement south) between Hester and Grand where Dexter Sinister will launch a crop of new publications including Library Book, Extended Caption (DDDG), True Mirror Microfiche Post-Post-Script and Common Circular and undertake a circular walk around the neighborhood whe...

Book Launch + Discussion: March 26 - Public Phenomena

Sent March 23rd 2009

Untitled Document Public Phenomena - book Public Phenomena Temporary Services Book Launch + Discussion with Brett Bloom, Joseph Heathcott and Damon Rich Thursday March 26, 7pm at common room 2 465 Grand Street - rear lobby (entrance on East Broadway) Please join us for the launch of the first Half Letter Press publication. The book Public Phenomena is the result of over ten years of photographic documentation and research on the variety of modifica...

Event: March 8 - Reinventing Goethe, part 2

Sent March 3rd 2009

Untitled Document Wyoming Building, 5 East Third Street Reinventing Goethe, part 2 Sunday March 8, 2009 noon - 5pm Goethe-Institut New York Wyoming Building 5 East Third Street New York, NY 10003 Please join us for an afternoon at the Goethe-Institut Wyoming Building. As part of the Armory Arts Week the Goethe-Institut New York invites you to intervene in the process of reinventing the Goethe-Institut Wyoming Building, its new downtown event space. The spa...

Exhibition: January 29 at common room 2: Visualizing SPURA

Sent January 22nd 2009

Untitled Document Visualizing SPURA an exhibition by students of the City Studio at Eugene Lang/New School and Prof. Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani, in collaboration with the initiative SPURA Matters, a project of Place Matters, GOLES and the Pratt Center for Community Development. January 29 - March 21, 2009 Opening Reception: Thursday January 29, 6-8pm --- Forty years ago, New York City took ownership of an area on the Lower East Side bounded by Essex, Delancey, Grand, and Wi...

Exhibition + Lecture: 5 Obstructions (for Architecture)

Sent January 9th 2009

Untitled Document Statue of Chester Alan Arthur in Madison Square Park 5 Obstructions (for Architecture) Exhibition: January 9, 2009 - January 30, 2009 Lecture: Thursday January 22, 6:30pm Häfele America Co. 25 East 26th Street (at Madison Avenue) New York, NY 10010 The common room lecture and installation 5 Obstructions (for Architecture) address the crisis of innovation and creativity within the current cultural landscape. The exhibition and lec...

Dialogue: Dec 12 - Architecture and Institutions

Sent December 6th 2008

Untitled Document Oppositions Reader - Aspects of Modernism: Maison Domino and the Self-Referential Sign, Peter Eisenman Architecture and Institutions Olympia Kazi with Linda Norden, Damon Rich, Beth Stryker and Gwendolyn Wright Friday December 12, 6:30pm Center for Architecture 536 LaGuardia Place New York, NY 10012 Please join us for a dialogue with Olympia Kazi (Executive Director, Institute for Urban Design), Linda Norden (Director, Amie and Tony J...

Exhibition: November 21 at common room 2: Form Groups!

Sent November 16th 2008

Untitled Document Form Groups! ifau & Jesko Fezer November 21 - December 20, 2008 Opening Reception: Friday November 21, 6-8pm --- Established in 1998, ifau - institute for applied urbanism is a working group of architects focusing on interrelated, interdisciplinary projects, including architectural and urban design, research, installations and events in the urban context. As a main issue ifau investigates possibilities to transfer urban diversity into architectural s...

Discussion: David Reinfurt with David Senior - EVERY DAY THE URGE GROWS...

Sent November 9th 2008

Untitled Document A Short Account of the Library EVERY DAY THE URGE GROWS STRONGER TO GET HOLD OF AN OBJECT AT VERY CLOSE RANGE BY WAY OF ITS LIKENESS, ITS REPRODUCTION David Reinfurt with David Senior Friday November 14, 12:30pm Center for Architecture 536 LaGuardia Place New York, NY 10012 Please join us for a discussion with David Reinfurt and David Senior. David Reinfurt of Dexter Sinister will discuss a recently commissioned short-run book composed of texts previously published online as Porta...

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