Talk/Debate: Mediating InfraStructures—Transport Hubs

Date: September 30th 2015

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Mediating [Infra]Structures—Transport Hubs

common room is pleased to announce:
Mediating [Infra]Structures—Transport Hubs

Mediating [Infra]Structures is a series of talks, debates and workshops that investigates if the proclaimed disappearance of the public sphere can be reassembled in contemporary shared spaces like shopping centers, mass transport hubs and cultural centers.

The second topic in the series is Transport Hubs as Mediating [Infra]Structures

Mediating [Infra]Structures tries to forgo the pessimistic non-place approach towards transport hubs by questioning what types of human interaction take place in these spaces, and how their transitory nature could be conceived as relevant social space that still hold some public meaning and a potential for public-ness. The ability (or inability) of the transport hub to function as shared social space by ‘mediating’ interactions of its transient users is examined with a focus on the spatial concepts inherent in spaces of mass transport.

Mediating [Infra]Structures—Transport Hubs

Wednesday, October 14—19:00
Gare du Nord | Noordstation
1030 Brussels | Map

Christian Salewski
Nicolas Firket
Ruth Soenen
Lars Schrijver (moderator)

Dr. Christian Salewski is an architect and urban designer, and founder-partner of Christian Salewski & Simon Kretz Architekten GmbH, Zurich. Co-founder of the research platform Airports and Cities, Christian is an expert on urbanization processes at and around major airports, and an authority on scenarios in planning and design.

Nicolas Firket is an architect and the founder of NFA Nicolas Firket Architects, an architecture firm based in Brussels. NFA was selected as part of the team to prepare the urban plan for the district around the Brussels-Midi international railway station.

Ruth Soenen has a Master degree in Educational Sciences. In 2009 she obtained her PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology at KU Leuven. Her fieldwork is situated within western society, in the urban context of Flanders with special attention for disadvantaged neighborhoods and collectively used spaces like schools, shops, public transport and libraries.

Lara Schrijver is Professor in Architecture at the University of Antwerp, Faculty of Design Sciences. She was an editor for OASE for ten years, and served four years on the advisory committee of the Netherlands Fund for Architecture. Her research focus is on twentieth-century architecture and its theories.

The public talk and debate on transport hubs will be expanded on by a series of workshops and classes in the framework of the public school for architecture brussels.

Admission is free, no booking required.

For more information on the program visit our website or Facebook.

Mediating [Infra]Structures
is a joint project by common room, Janina Gosseye and City3
in collaboration with the public school for architecture brussels

With the support of:
The Arts and Heritage Agency of the Flemish Community
KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture Campus Sint Lucas

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