the future of the public school for architecture brussels

Date: June 5th 2014

final week

please join us to discuss:
the future of the public school for architecture brussels

thursday, jun 12, 19:00

brussels congres station
boulevard pacheco 38
1000 brussels

the public school for architecture brussels was initiated as a recyclart congresidence 2014 project. this residency at brussels congres station ends june 13.

the continued operation of the public school for architecture brussels is dependent on maintaining an engaged group of committee volunteers and participants.

a group of volunteers called the public school committee meets periodically to review proposals and develop classes. the committee is responsible for shaping the ideological goals of the program through active discussion and engagement with the community of users with the idea that every few months, one or two volunteers leave the committee and one or two new volunteers join. in this way the operation of the school is able to remain flexible and responsive to the multiple interests of the entire body of students and teachers.

each committee member is able to help shape the school through the development of individual classes. to develop a class, a committee member is responsible for finding and confirming an instructor, scheduling the class at a time that works for the instructor and the students, coordinating class materials and readings and attending the class in an administrative capacity (or simply as a student).

please join us to find out more about the public school for architecture brussels, to discuss its future, and to find ways that you can participate, including joining the committee to help run the school.

and afterwards join us for drinks at the congres station bar with music provided by kraak recording artist simon marius (maan).

other upcoming classes at the public school for architecture brussels:

sunday jun 8, 15:30
explanatory workshop @ the usine du trésor noir
(temple of holy shit) in nl/fr/en

usine du trésor noir is a public waste installation with dry toilet, whose purpose is to convert the bio-waste produced by the park and its visitors into rich terra-preta soil for the gardens in and around the area. during the festival, a series of ‘rituals’ will take place that will initiate the participants to the miracle of life-making.

tuesday jun 10, 13:00
the mental masonry lab (a two-day workshop)
wednesday jun 11, 13:00

the mental masonry lab is an artistic project of cédric noël and mira sanders that invites the spectator to reflect on public space through exercises of the imagination. it is a practice in constituting a space.
the mental masonry lab resulted from a question: how can we develop a tactic that would allow our imagination to blossom when faced with the preponderance of those urban signs intended for collective use?

tuesday jun 10, 19:00
a (not so small) revolution: project morrinho

there is an enormous variety of art projects, usually initiated by artists, showing a sustained interest in impact, in social and political terms presenting critical points of view that range from passing a message to asking for participation which, in some cases, means taking real political action (lind, 2011). nevertheless, it seems that most art projects fail in producing social change: how can art produce effective social change?

wednesday jun 11, 12:15
comment réaffecter des bâtiments inoccupés

bruxelles connaît un grand nombre d'immeubles de bureaux vides ou à l’abandon, et de nombreuses friches industrielles qui ne retrouveront plus jamais leur vocation initiale. pourquoi ne pas transformer ces immeubles dans une fonction résidentielle ou autre? mais quel est le potentiel de réutilisation de ces infrastructures vacantes? ce cours explorera la possible ré-utilisation de “la ville vide” comme stratégie pour le développement futur de l’agglomération bruxelloise.

to find out more about the public school for architecture brussels, how to propose new classes, and view and comment on other class proposals visit:

the public school for architecture brussels is a self-organizing educational program where the curriculum and schedule are proposed by the general public through the school’s website. the public school for architecture brussels offers the opportunity to negotiate public space beyond the limits of current architectural practices and provides a means for the general public to access an architectural culture that is typically out of reach. the school’s mission is to create a new public for architecture while opening up architecture for the public.

the public school for architecture brussels is a recyclart congresidence 2014 project initiated by common room, and is supported in part by ku leuven faculty of architecture campus sint lucas (luca).

in partnership and collaboration with telic arts exchange, common grounds, city3, les ateliers nocturnes and recyclart.

common room

belgium: aalststraat 7–11/a3.1 | rue d'alost 7–11/a3.1, 1000 brussels
+32 2 880 82 56

usa: 465 grand street, 4c, new york, ny 10002
+1 212 358 8605

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