book release: arts for living

Date: May 24th 2013

new york: thursday, may 30, 5pm. brussels: friday, june 7, 7pm

arts for living
public architecture & architectural education
published by common books

please join us for the launch of the second common books publication.

the book, arts for living, takes a close look at the abrons arts center, a community art facility in the lower east side of new york city, as a case study for an architecture designed to address issues of public space and community life. the center was built during the 1970s fiscal crisis and designed by prentice and chan, ohlhausen as a cultural institution with new educational facilities intended to enable, foster and serve the everyday activities of the local low-income population.

with essays by alan moore and kim f�rster, an interview with lo-yi chan and photographs by jason fulford. edited by common room and kim f�rster, and designed by geoff han.

new york:
thursday, may 30, 5pm
abrons arts center
466 grand street, new york, ny 10002

lo-yi chan will guide a short tour through the abrons arts center followed by a conversation about building public architecture between srdjan jovanovic weiss, david smiley and lo-yi chan, moderated by common room (lars fischer, todd rouhe).

friday, june 7, 7pm
common room is welcomed by w-o-l-k-e
vaartstraat 45 rue du canal
1000 brussels

lars fischer (common room) and kim f�rster will introduce the book and discuss their work and research in relation to public architecture and architectural education.

common books is the collaborative editorial project of common room involving architects, artists, curators, writers and other cultural producers who share an interest in thinking critically about the built environment.

lo-yi chan is an architect and campus planner and founding partner of prentice and chan, ohlhausen.

kim f�rster is writer, researcher and teacher, holding a phd in architecture from the eth z�rich, switzerland. in his doctoral thesis he focuses on a social and cultural history of the new york institute for architecture and urban studies (1967-85).

david smiley is an architect and an architectural historian. he teaches in the architecture and urban studies programs at barnard and columbia colleges.

srdjan jovanovic weiss is an architect and activist and founder of normal architecture office based in the lower east side. he is co-founder of school of missing studies and is completing his phd research at the centre for research architecture at goldsmiths.

the publication arts for living was made possible with kind support from the graham foundation for advanced studies in the fine arts.

more information here.

available at: pro �qm, berlin; section �7 �books, paris; san serriffe, amsterdam; th�ophile's papers, brussels; wiels, brussels; copyright, ghent, antwerp; walther k�nig, cologne; mcnally jackson, new york; van alen books, new york.

common room

usa: 465 grand street, 4c, new york, ny 10002
+1 212 358 8605

belgium: aalststraat 7�11/a3.1 | rue d'alost 7�11/a3.1, 1000 brussels
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