The Public School (for Architecture): Scheduled Classes - Session Two

Date: October 30th 2009

The Public School (for Architecture) New York
a Van Alen Institute New York Prize Fellowship project by common room and Telic Arts Exchange

Scheduled Classes - Session Two
in collaboration with Performa, as part of Performa09, the third visual art performance biennial

Van Alen Institute
30 West 22nd Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10010

Tuesday November 3, 10am Mapping the Drawing Center
Saturday November 7, 11am Actions Propaganda - What You Can Do With the City - Performa09 *
Saturday November 7, 3pm Perceptual devices - History / Effect / Design 2
Tuesday November 10, 6:30pm Best Square Wins!
Thursday November 12, 6:30pm Political History of Visual Display - 2
Saturday November 14, 10am Sewing Circle
Monday November 16, 6:30pm Species of Spaces: Writing About the Built Environment (The Realistic) tbc
Tuesday November 17, 11am Sirens Taken from Wonders (Siren Workshop) - Performa09 *
Wednesday November 18, 6:30pm Stupid Rhino Tricks
Friday November 20, 6:30pm Representing the Social Center Movement - 2
Friday November 20, 10pm Sirens Taken from Wonders (Siren-Watch) - Performa09 *
Saturday November 21, 4pm Sirens Taken from Wonders (Panel Discussion) - Performa09
Sunday November 22, 11am Not For Sale: Ideal Performance Space - Performa09 *

* Actions Propaganda, Sirens Taken from Wonders (Siren Workshop), Sirens Taken from Wonders (Siren-Watch) and Not For Sale: Ideal Performance Space
will be held at:
Performa HUB
41 Cooper Square
New York, NY 10003

To find out more about these classes, to register for these classes, propose new classes, and view and comment on other class proposals visit


The Public School (for Architecture) New York intends to reactivate dismantled professional networks of the New York architectural community into a productive force that can collectively begin to make sense of current cultural, economic and technological conditions through open-ended discourse and alternative approaches to education. The Public School (for Architecture) does not have a permanent location. A Teacher’s Lounge at the Van Alen Institute (30 W. 22nd Street. 6th Floor) will function as the administrative headquarters for The Public School (for Architecture) for the duration of the New York Prize fellowship residency (September 2009 - December 2009).

Courses will be held in a series of three itinerant classroom installations, located in transitional public spaces- lobbies, thresholds, large corridors - within established architectural institutions in the city. The second session (November 1-22) will be located at the New York Center For Architecture at LaGuardia Place.

The Public School (for Architecture) New York is a Van Alen Institute New York Prize Fellowship project and is supported in part by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the Annenberg Foundation.

common room
465 grand street 4c
new york, ny 10002

t: 212.358.8605
f: 212.358.8609

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