Common Room presents Dexter Sinister (Circular)

Date: June 17th 2009

You are invited to assemble on Thursday June 25 at 7pm

Dexter Sinister presents Common Room (Circular)
at Dexter Sinister
38 Ludlow Street (basement south)
between Hester and Grand

where Dexter Sinister will launch a crop of new publications including Library Book, Extended Caption (DDDG), True Mirror Microfiche Post-Post-Script and Common Circular and undertake a circular walk around the neighborhood

Common Room presents Dexter Sinister (Circular)
at Common Room
465 Grand Street
Rear entrance on East Broadway

and begin again.

For more,

common room 2
465 Grand Street - rear lobby
New York, NY 10002
tel.: 212.358.8605

open hours: mon-fri 9am - 6pm
or by appointment

Take F train to East Broadway stop. Exit at rear of platform if coming downtown or front of platform if coming from Brooklyn. Walk East on East Broadway just past Pitt Street. Use Rear Entrance on East Broadway.

Map link:,+New+York,+NY+10002

common room
465 grand street 4c
new york, ny 10002

t: 212.358.8605
f: 212.358.8609

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