Event: March 8 - Reinventing Goethe, part 2

Date: March 3rd 2009

Wyoming Building, 5 East Third Street

Reinventing Goethe, part 2

Sunday March 8, 2009
noon - 5pm

Goethe-Institut New York Wyoming Building
5 East Third Street
New York, NY 10003

Please join us for an afternoon at the Goethe-Institut Wyoming Building.

As part of the Armory Arts Week the Goethe-Institut New York invites you to intervene in the process of reinventing the Goethe-Institut Wyoming Building, its new downtown event space. The space will be open to the public and will serve as a forum for the discussion of Reinventing Goethe, the redesign of the Goethe-Institut Wyoming Building, and the concurrent series of events. The concept of Reinventing Goethe will be explored through a publication (Goethe Circular), a small curated library, projections, and casual conversations. common room will be on-site during the event to discuss reinventing institutional space and the concept and design for the Wyoming Building project.
The new series Reinventing Goethe will accompany the aesthetic renovation of the new event location by ifau + Jesko Fezer. The series will be collaboratively curated by Joseph Grima, the director of the Storefront for Art and Architecture, and ifau + Jesko Fezer.

common room programmed the afternoon event as part of the series Reinventing Goethe and is working in cooperation with ifau + Jesko Fezer as the local liason for the redesign of the Goethe-Institut Wyoming Building.

common room
465 grand street 4c
new york, ny 10002

t: 212.358.8605
f: 212.358.8609


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